Radiant Barrier

Add to your insulation’s effectiveness with the reflective power of radiant barrier. G&G uses R+HeatShield, a woven polyethylene with metalized film for excellent radiant heat blocking. Unlike other forms of insulation that absorb heat, radiant barrier acts as a shield to reflect heat away from a home. R+HeatShield’s multiple perforated layers of aluminum separate upon installation to create enclosed airspace while allowing for vapor transmission. Typically applied to roof rafters and walls radiant barrier reduces heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter for improved comfort season after season.

Radiant Barrier Benefits

  • High performance through reflection
  • Energy and utility savings
  • Improves HVAC usage efficiency
  • A cooler, more comfortable space
  • Reflects and reduces over 97% of radiant energy
  • Improves insulation performance
  • Simple installation that does not disturb existing insulation
  • Does not harm roofing or roofing materials
  • Does not trap moisture


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