When it comes to installing innovative fire protection, G&G listens to the industry-leading firestop authority, Specified Technologies, Inc. STI’s firestop products help stop the spread of fire, smoke and toxic fumes in order to save lives and valued material items in the unfortunate event of a structure fire. Our professional firestop experts keep your facility in compliance with:

  • DFS
  • Local building codes
  • Building inspectors
  • Fire marshals
  • Insurance carriers

G&G is experienced in both new construction and retrofit firestop projects. We specialize in all types of projects, including commercial buildings, industrial structures, medical facilities and high-rise residential buildings. G&G’s expert firestop team can evaluate and remedy any firestop issues with its full line of firestop products, including Owens Corning’s Thermafiber® mineral wool.


Owens Corning Insulating Systems, LLC is a manufacturer of durable, high-quality fiberglass products and does not sell or endorse other insulation industry products.

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